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Freelance Offer Barcelona
Being freelance is not easy, so we seek the best options for you and offer you this pack which includes:
  • Preparation of accounting records, tax records, according to invoices and documentation received.
  • Includes up to 20 monthly bills, pay quarterly fee € 20 x 3 = 60 € quarter (excluding VAT).
  • Preparing statements I.V.A. (303, 390), domiciled in the bank.
  • Income Statement and payments higher to 3,005.06 € (347).
  • Statement withholding leases (115, 180).
  • Declaration of income tax withholding and professional employees (110, 190).
  • Information and permanent advice on how many news, arising in tax, corporate accounting, as in the field of activity being conducted.
  • Includes preparation of the tax return of the freelance.
Our offer of 20 € / month includes up to 240 invoices per year.
We offer guaranteed quality.
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