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Tax Consultancy


Micro Packs


Accounting Advisory

Taxation is one of the most important aspects in a company with an strategic and global vision, we analyze the fiscal and tax obligations of your business to achieve tax planning that optimizes the benefits of your business and reduce your tax burden

Tax Obligations Plan

Submission of tax returns (VAT, income tax) quarterly or monthly from 25€.
This plan is designed for those who do not need help in accounting, but they do need someone to take care of tax filings and annual summaries.

Starting Activity Plan

Submission in IAE to the Tax Agency from 25€. Exchange tax residence from 5€.
We also deal you sign up for Social Security and any management that you need to start your business.

Tranquility Plan

Forget responding to requirements of the Treasury, we do it for you since 30€.
Formalities in Social Security, at City Hall. Forget about administrative procedures and let us take care of you.

At first, for every entrepreneur is difficult to grow, so Avanti Consulting wants to help.
Whether you're a small business, a small self-employed, we offer micro packs, specially designed for you.

Micro Pack Self-Employed

Make less than 20 bills a month?
Why do you have to pay more than 20€/month?
For 20 € / month we take care of your accounts and your tax returns. You just have to take care of your work.

Micro Pack Bussines

A growing company can not invest much money in accounting.
Get savings with a fixed price of 50€/month.
If you make less than 250 invoices per year, for this price we take care of all accounting and taxes.

Micro Pack Entrepreneurs

Start today a path that will take you where you want. Become an entrepreneur. Company Formation Express, submission to the Social Security, submission in the Treasury and three months of accounting for a price of 350€. Then you can continue with the accounting package that best suits your needs.

Accounting is a tool that can be used for effective control of the activity of a company, so we offer our professional staff to help you stay current in the accounting field.

Update Package

Are you late for your accounting? Have not filed your returns on time? We'll take care for you from 300€ per year. Because we do not always everything and when we have to prioritize sometimes important issues remain outstanding. With us you will not have to take care of everything up to date and in order.

Maintenance Package

If you are a company and you need the day to day management of your accounts you have come to the site indicated. We handle everything from 95€/month.
We can also prepare your bills to present to your clients, or send them directly by email. For administrative tasks do not take away time.

Young Packagen

Are you under 25 and start your freelance business? We handle without the high cost to the Treasury and the Social Security hiring one of our packs. We also clarify any doubts you may have about how to tax. ¿Modules, Direct Estimate? We will study the best option for you.

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